Can You Power Wash a Brick House?

Can You Power Wash a Brick House?

Whether you’re flipping through a glossy magazine or posing in front of The Betts House in Cincinnati, a brick house has no small amount of charm. With the design versatility of this facade its main attraction, the demand for these properties isn’t surprising. However, keeping up the sought-after appeal of that gorgeous brick exterior takes some intentional maintenance, including penciling in a regular cleaning. 

Is it safe to power wash a brick house? Are there better ways to clean brick surfaces? It turns out you can safely power wash brick homes with a few caveats. 

The Benefits of Power Washing Brick Houses 

A brick home has a timeless beauty, but only if it isn’t hidden under years of dirt, grime, and moss. Once these contaminants infiltrate the cracks in the bricks, a once-stunning appearance fades fast. 

Thankfully, a thorough power wash instantly solves the problem, unmasking your brick home’s true beauty below the muck. The property looks better, holds up longer against wear, and protects your investment, but there are conditions. 

Preparing for the Power Wash 

While it’s helpful to power wash a brick house for maximum cleanliness, experts always take caution when tackling older homes. Too much pressure can have serious consequences, such as loosened grout, cracked bricks, or even crumbling walls. 

Using a low-pressure method (800 PSI or less) is your safest bet. You can also contact a trusted pressure-washing expert like Cincinnati Premier Pressure Washing for advice.  

Before power washing the brick, you need to perform repairs to avoid worsening any damage and to start off in the best condition. Don’t forget to cover vulnerable areas like windows, outlets, plants, or other outdoor obstacles. This will ensure your cleaning solution only targets the areas you want. 

The Power Washing Process 

You must wet brick walls before using your pressure washer to apply detergent to properly prepare the surface for cleaning. It can evenly soak into all surfaces and remove the toughest dirt and grime from cracks and crevices. 

Here’s how the power washing process for brick homes works: 

  • Wet the brick thoroughly. After preparing the work area, protecting vulnerable surfaces, and gathering all supplies, you can wet all areas of the brick. Working bottom to top often provides the best, most consistent cleaning results. 
  • Apply detergent. Use a cleaning product that is safe on brick surfaces. Many professional pressure washers use biodegradable solutions to kill algae and bacteria, but that doesn’t harm plants. 
  • Use a brush for tough stains. Rotary brushes are highly effective at tackling the most stubborn stains on bricks. 
  • Assess cleanliness. Once the brick dries, see if you’re satisfied with the cleanliness of your home’s brick exterior. 

Post-Washing Care 

After power washing brick, professionals often recommend adding a brick-and-mortar sealant to your surfaces. This helps keep your brick exterior cleaner for longer and looking its best. Contaminants and harmful substances have a harder time penetrating brick houses with sealant.  

If you’re hoping to find a five-star professional team to power wash a brick house in Cincinnati, Ohio, don’t delay—call Cincinnati Premier Pressure Washing at (513) 827-1079 today! 

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