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Buying a house is an investment that you must consistently preserve to retain property value. So, no matter what material the exterior facades of your house are, allowing dirt to build up for too long can cause deterioration and staining. Thus, you must periodically sanitize and wash the exterior of your home to evade permanent discoloration and damage.

If you need house washing in Cincinnati, OH, you can trust the experts at Cincinnati Premier Pressure Washing to help. Our services will help you to evade expensive exterior repair costs and restore the external appearance of your home. Furthermore, our soft washing techniques will clear away dirt and bugs and knock destructive fungus and mold from the surface of your walls.

Keep reading to learn more about our specialized soft washing methods and why you should choose Cincinnati Premier Pressure Washing.  

House Washing Cincinnati OH
House Washing Cincinnati OH

Soft Washing Vs. Pressure Washing

When washing the exterior of a house, it is necessary to take certain precautions to ensure that we do not damage the material and sealant. Thus, we never power wash homes, as it can cause further damage to the walls rather than clean them and prevent deterioration. 

So, we use a specialized soft washing technique to ensure that we target dirt and grime carefully, as well as sanitize the surface. Due to our expertise in house washing, we can also complete gutter, fence, porch, driveway, and deck cleaning at the same time for your convenience. 

Benefits of Investing in House Washing in Cincinnati, OH

Fungi, mold, bacteria

Removal of Harmful Fungi, Mold, and Bacteria

When you fail to regularly clean the exterior of your home, dirt is not the only thing that will collect on your walls. Certain fungi, mold, and bacteria will also gather, which can be dangerous to your family and houseguests. Our soft washing services can remove these dangerous substances and prevent them from returning for several months.  

Curb appeal

Increased Curb Appeal and Property Value

Having a clean house is not only aesthetically pleasing but can also raise your home’s property value by 2-5%. Thus, regular house cleaning services can help you boost your home’s value and improve its exterior appearance.  


Preventive Maintenance

Built-up grime can cause permanent staining to your home’s exterior paint or other materials. After a certain amount of time, this staining will become noticeable, meaning you will need to invest in expensive house painting or material replacement services. To prevent these costly repairs, you should invest in regular house washing in Cincinnati, OH



At Cincinnati Premier Pressure Washing, we are both licensed and insured to perform our job. Furthermore, we hire experienced professionals with previous experience on ladders and in other precarious positions that are necessary to perform a proper cleaning. Contracting an expert to wash your home will keep you safe and guarantee that if any injuries occur, insurance will cover them.  

Why You Should Trust Cincinnati Premier Pressure Washing

Cincinnati Premier Pressure Washing is a locally-owned and operated business. Unlike mega-corporations, we take the time to get to know all of our customers and meet their unique needs. We also stick to the following values:

Timely and Efficient Service

We feel committed to working around your schedule, as well as working as quickly as possible. Our staff understands that you are busy, which is why we always provide efficient house, gutter, and roof cleaning services. 

Friendly Staff and Contractors

We prioritize customer service in all aspects of our business, from helping you make an appointment to answering any questions that you may have. Furthermore, all of our staff have received extensive training in providing high-quality customer experiences. 

Advanced Technology and Cleaning Products

At Cincinnati Premier Pressure Washing, we only use the most advanced cleaning technologies currently available. We also use top-notch detergents and cleaning products that work efficiently. All of our products are non-toxic for your family members, meaning you can rest assured that your children or pets will stay safe after we finish cleaning.  

House Washing Cincinnati OH

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