The Telltale Signs Your Retail Shopping Strip Needs Pressure Washing

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When should you invest in pressure washing your commercial building? Considering that many customers find dirty surfaces off-putting, you don’t have much wiggle room; you need to clean your retail shopping strip regularly. 

In this post, Cincinnati Premier Pressure Washing explains what signs indicate that it’s time to schedule building washing and storefront cleaning services for your shopping strip. 

Signs It’s Time for Pressure Washing and Storefront Cleaning

We recommend scheduling commercial pressure washing services like building washing and storefront cleaning at least once a year. In addition, you should opt for regular power washing and exterior cleaning from professional washing companies to make your storefront more appealing. 

How often you do this depends on the foot traffic in your area, the location itself, and the amount of dirt that accumulates. Here are some signs that it’s time to revive your retail space:

Gum and Other Marks on the Strip

Your cleaning team probably removes gum regularly, but can they lift the stains it leaves? What about other grimy marks and food spills? While it’s possible to lift these blemishes manually, it takes more time than you can afford to spend on the task. 

We can accomplish in hours what will take you days, allowing you to get back to business that much sooner. Professional pressure washing experts will lift even the most stubborn dirt, leaving your strip spotless. 

The Paintwork or Bricks are Dingy and Dull

Most property owners see that patina of dirt as inevitable and something they must paint over. Pressure washing offers a quicker and more affordable alternative. We gently peel away the grime, allowing the pristine surface underneath to show through. The effect is similar to repainting or refinishing the surface without the messy construction, inconvenience, and expense. 

There are Signs of Organic Growth

Mold, moss, mildew, and algae are more than unsightly; they’re a real hazard. Aside from the potentially toxic spores they release and the damage they do to the building, they increase your liability risk. If a visitor slips on a patch of algae, they can sue for damages like medical bills and lost wages. Should the court determine that the incident was due to negligence because you didn’t clean often enough, you may also have to pay punitive damages. 

You can’t avoid the risk of someone falling altogether, but you can limit the potential lawsuit by taking reasonable steps to make the area safe. Removing algae and other growth is the first step in this process. 

Contact Us for Reliable Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Are you looking for a professional team to pressure wash your shopping strip? Cincinnati Premier Pressure Washing is your family-owned team with the equipment and experience to complete the job flawlessly. We offer convenient, flexible scheduling and work as quickly as efficiency allows. Our team has extensive experience cleaning commercial properties of all types and sizes, so call us at (513) 827-1079 to make your space more welcoming.

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