Signs Your Home Needs Pressure Washing Services

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For homeowners who want bright, pristine homes, pressure washing is a must. You may not register all the dirt, grime, and filth that collects on concrete, wood, and vinyl until after you schedule pressure washing services. But how do you know you need them in the first place? 

#1 Your Home Needs a Paint Job

If the exterior surfaces of your home need a fresh coat of paint, then they probably need to prepare your house before painting via conducting pressure washing. Before you repaint your house, you should ensure that you thoroughly clean all surfaces. A garden hose lacks the water pressure needed to remove fine dust, mold, and moss growth. Only a pressure washing machine accompanied by a suitable cleaning product can handle the task.   

#2 Your Exterior Surfaces Look Patchy

Do any surfaces on your property look like a patchwork quilt of browns, grays, greens, and blacks? These patches form when excess particles of pollution, dirt, and organic matter collect on a surface. They get stuck on vinyl siding, driveways, porches, and decks, making your property appear unkempt to passersby. Pressure washing can quickly clean these surfaces. 

#3 A Film of Mold Covers Your Siding

Cool, moist, shady areas attract mold spores. The sides of your home that don’t get much sun create the perfect environment for mold to grow. When mold gets into your home, it impacts your family’s respiratory health and degrades the structural material. Mold can also destroy your family’s belongings such as furniture and clothes.  

Additionally, indoor mold removal requires intensive restoration services. These services can drain your wallet, especially if your insurance offers little coverage. Regularly scheduling services from a team of pressure washers prevents mold infestations. 

#4 Your Driveway Sports Innumerable Stains

Sometimes, your family vehicles will drip fluids like oil. These fluids immediately stain the concrete or asphalt. Furthermore, they’ll absorb into the concrete the longer they stay. They are difficult to remove without a powerful pressure setting and a tough but environmentally friendly cleanser. 

#5 The Structures on Your Property Support Ecosystems

Mold isn’t the only living organism that will readily make a home on your property. Spiders, wasps, hornets, and other pests make quick work of inhabiting untouched outdoor areas. Their presence poses a threat to anyone with allergies. 

Plus, many spiders native to Ohio have medically significant venom. Arachnids like the brown recluse and black widow make their homes on porches, windows, and other sheltered structures. Power washing keeps these creatures from sharing your home with your family. 

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At Cincinnati Premier Pressure Washing, our professional team has the equipment, products, and skill necessary to make your home look brand new again. Make patchy, stained property structures a thing of the past by requesting a free estimate and scheduling our services. Call us at 513-827-1079 to reclaim your home’s beauty.

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