Difference Between Soft Washing and Power Washing

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You may have heard the terms “power washing” and “soft washing.” What makes them different, and which one should you choose for your property? Learn the difference between the two and determine which is best for your needs. 

Cincinnati Premier Pressure Washing offers residential and commercial pressure washing services. If your house or driveway looks lifeless and dingy due to dirt and debris, it’s time for a professional pressure washing appointment. Transform your outdoor space with a thorough cleaning service.

Power Washing

With power washing, a pressurized blast of water forces dirt and debris off of the area. Power washing is best for durable surfaces like driveways, decks, and brick structures. It instantly improves curb appeal as it rids the area of mold, pollen, and other contaminants.

Soft Washing

For exterior cleaning that requires gentler treatment, soft washing is a better option. A specific tool controls the water stream, creating a pressure level under 1,000 PSI. It is a good option for house washing, as it will not damage the siding.

A professional applies a cleaner before spraying the area with water. The cleaner soaks into small chips and cracks on the surface, resulting in a deeper clean than you get with a regular power wash service. 

Power Washing vs. Soft Washing

Now you know the difference between power washing and soft washing, but how do you know which service is the best for your property? The best way is to invest in professional pressure washing services. 

When you schedule professional pressure washing, a qualified technician will survey the area and use the appropriate technique to get the best result and avoid damage.

Concrete Surfaces

Concrete driveways and patios collect an abundance of mold, dirt, and other contaminants. Power washing is the best option to clean the surface and restore the integrity of the space. 

Shingled Roofs

Because shingles withstand all types of weather, it may seem like they can withstand the force of power washing. In reality, the intense blast of water can loosen shingles and result in future water leaks. A soft wash treatment is the best option for a thorough, gentle roof cleaning

Wooden Decks

There is nothing better than enjoying dinner on your wooden deck when the weather is nice. Over time, wood sustains a lot of weather damage, drastically changing its appearance. 

Wood is durable but damageable. If you like to take on DIY projects around the house to save some cash, the safest way to clean your wooden deck is with soft washing. However, if you hire a professional service, technicians have the proper knowledge and tools to safely power wash your deck.

Stucco Walls

The texture of stucco walls gives dirt plenty of nooks and crannies to collect and places for mold to thrive. Power washing can clear out all the crevices, but it may also damage the stucco during the treatment. Soft washing will thoroughly clean stucco walls without causing damage. 

Professional Pressure Washing Services

When you need detailed pressure washing in town, Cincinnati Premier Pressure Washing provides excellent services at a reasonable price. Call 513-827-1079 to get a free estimate. 

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