What Is the Price to Pressure Wash a House?

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Pressure washing significantly benefits homeowners by removing mold, grime, and other contaminants from their property. However, many homeowners avoid professional services because of the cost.

In this article, our professionals at Cincinnati Premier Pressure Washing explain professional pricing strategies and why pressure washing is essential to homeownership.

How Exterior Cleaning Companies Charge

Each company chooses its pricing strategy based on various factors. The most common forms of pricing are as follows:

  • By the hour, often with a two-hour minimum
  • Per square foot
  • Flat fee

Some companies may select a combination, such as a flat fee for a specific square footage with an increase per additional foot. Companies consider many aspects of the job during pricing, as explained in the following.

Size of the House

The square footage, stories, and style all affect the price of your pressure washing. The size dictates how much solution, labor, and time the job requires. Many companies have a set fee for specific sizes, ensuring that they make enough on the job to cover the costs.

A second or third story brings unique challenges, and the team must implement specific safety requirements to protect the team. Additional stories add to the cost of covering the safety gear and labor.

House Materials

Not all housing materials respond similarly to pressure washing. If you need a team to pressure wash wooden or aluminum siding, extra precautions become necessary to ensure no damage. Softer materials may dent, splinter, or wear under water pressure.

A professional team will prevent property damage from harming your home, but it may cost more. Cleaning other aspects of a property, such as roofs, parking lots, or separate structures, will add to the cost due to their complexity and additional cleaning solutions.

Job Complexity

A double-storied house with multiple building materials, a customized roof shape, and extensive landscaping will cost more than a one-story, moderately dirty home. The more challenging the job becomes, the more the cost will be. Other elements, such as additional structures, driveways, and pools, will add to the cost as well.

However, bundling all your power washing at once may prove cheaper than doing each project separately. For more information, speak to your technicians about our available savings.

Why Do You Need Professional Pressure Washing?

Many homeowners consider renting a pressure washer and doing the work themselves to reduce costs. However, you should request a professional for optimal results. Commercial pressure washing services have the necessary equipment that homeowners cannot access and have the training and experience to produce exceptional results every time.

Consider the following equipment you’ll need for a thorough exterior cleaning:

  • Professional grade pressure washer
  • Ladders
  • Safety gear
  • Nonslip shoes
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Harnesses
  • Various nozzles

A homeowner can rent this equipment, but rental costs, a lack of training, and potential property damage may result in more expenses.

Contact a Professional Team Today

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